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Teen Babe Paige Owens Fucks Her Stepdad After She Gets Caught Stealing Boner Pills
Paige has a problem, her boyfriend is having trouble getting it up. She decides to help him out by stealing some of her stepdad’s boner pills, but stepdad catches her in the act! He’s stunned, what would a young virile guy need boner pills for when Paige is so fucking hot? Paige is flattered by her stepdad saying that and she takes the opportunity to let him know that he’s always had a crush on him. He tries to deflect at first, stepdads aren’t supposed to be sexual with stepdaughters! But once she starts rubbing his hard cock he can’t stop, mom doesn’t have to find out that he doesn’t need those pills with a hot young teen!

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Mar 23rd, 2021

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