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Cracked My Iphone Screen? Get Ready For Rough Fisting!
Emily is a bit of a nympho. This young girl is ready to fuck 20 times a day and today was NOT an exception. Her boyfriend, Andrew, also has a high libido, but after a rough day at work, he just wanted to unwind on the couch, glued to his phone. Emily didn’t like that idea very much, so she decided to put on her seduction gear. She was prancing around Andrew, trying to get him in the mood. One awkward motion and the phone flies out of Andrew’s arms. The screen did not survive the shenanigans, the guy was furious! – Come here you little horny bitch, I’ll take care of her greedy fuck hole! He threw her onto the couch, ripped her panties off, and started to slowly plunge his fist in her juicy pussy…

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Apr 18th, 2021

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