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Antonia Sainz (Fister) And Melany Mendes (Fisted)
Antonia Sainz returns to FisterTwister as the dominant half of our lesbian fisting team as she gets her hands on Melany Mendes! Melany is sat on top of Antonia in white sheer stockings and Antonia genuinely can’t keep her hands off her! Antonia slips a cheeky finger into Melany’s pussy and then lets her taste her own pussy juices before ramping up the fingering action. She swaps places with Melany and uses some white tongs to pinch and play with Melant’s juicy pussy lips. Turning the tongs around, she gapes apart Melany’s pussy and stretches it in preparation for the main event! While bending over in the doggystyle position, Melany takes a massive hollow dildo inside her pussy and we zoom in on the action as Antonia controls her toy. Melany masturbates at the same time, getting so turned on with her pussy play then easily moves onto Antonia’s fist as she gets fist fucked on camera! Her pussy is absolutely dripping by this point and after changing positions a few times, Melany orgasms with energy!

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Jan 5th, 2022

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