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Squirting Office Slut Gets All Her Holes Pounded At Company Team Meeting
Brittany and Steve’s steamy office affair has been going on for months, but they’ve kept it a secret from their team co-workers, Tom and Eric. That is, until the tension finally breaks during a particularly stressful strategy session and they can’t keep their hunger for each other’s bodies under wraps any longer. When Brittany goes to get coffee from the company kitchen, Steve follows her to give her what she needs while Tom and Eric keep working, clueless about what’s going on. When Steve makes it clear what he wants, Brittany protests at first, worried about how unprofessional it is to fuck and suck at work, but Steve quickly silences her worries by putting his hand down her skirt and stroking her already-wet pussy with his nimble fingers. The next thing they know, Steve is ramming his luscious sausage into Brittany’s mouth, gash, and ass. Brittany tries to stifle her climactic cries as her hole gushes with pleasure, the knowledge that their colleagues are working, oblivious, in the next room making her cum even harder than usual. Finally, Tom and Eric grow impatient and go to the kitchen to see what’s going on, and see their forbidden fucking for themselves. At first Brittany is embarrassed, but it turns out that Tom and Eric don’t mind — in fact they’re more than happy to help Steve make sure that all of Brittany’s profit holes get filled! Brittany surrenders to her inner slut and has her first gangbang as the three relentlessly pound every hole in her voluptuous body until she’s covered in their man milk. It’s certainly one executive meeting none of them are likely to forget!

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Jan 9th, 2021

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