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Statuesque Russian Student Lana Roy Fucks Her Stepdad & Tutor
University student Lana Roy is struggling with her math homework, so she calls Sam from her class to get him to come over and help her with it. While she waits, the tasty young brunette passes the time by playing with her tight pink gash and asshole — when suddenly David, her stepdad, walks in! At first both are embarrassed, but David takes pity on the horny young girl and decides to satiate her urges by offering her his ramrod. After she gets a mouthful of his yogurt slinger, he inserts it in her ass and breaks her in as only a mature man could. But then Sam shows up, but instead of sending him away Lana decides to invite him to join the party. Then both of them take turns filling her holes while she slobbers on their cooch corks one after the other, her perfect breasts bouncing in time to the action. You’ll want to join in yourself while watching this gorgeous coed get bathed in their man milk!

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Feb 26th, 2021

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