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Hot Secretary Stacy Cruz Breaks The Tension By Stripping For Boss During Conference Call
Like everyone else, Yanick Shaft’s been working from home a lot lately, and today he has his sexy assistant, Stacy Cruz, there with him. Yanick’s been lusting after Stacy’s statuesque figure for months, but he knows how unprofessional it is to have a relationship with a co-worker. Stacy’s well aware of how he feels, and she wants his cumstick inside her, and today she decides to do something about it. While Yanick is on a conference call, she slowly starts to undress in front of him, laying across his table. Although Yanick can hardly believe his eyes, he has to keep talking and ignores her. Undeterred, Stacy goes under the table and starts working his crank through his trousers. Finally Yanick concedes defeat and quickly gets off the call. But now that Stacy’s gotten him going, he pulls out his wand and tells her to follow through on what she started. Stacy’s more than happy to oblige and wraps her lips around his rod before he laps her labia like a champ. Then he gives her what she wants and slams her slick snatch like a jackhammer in missionary, spoon, doggystyle, and reverse cowgirl positions. Stacy ends it with a loving kiss on his johnson to finish the day’s work. No more boring days at the office for these two!

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Mar 10th, 2021

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