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“Just sitting here waiting on dicks,” giggles today’s hot MILF Sabrina Dior for a whole fist full of firsts again today. So if you’ve been living under a rock and you aren’t aware of our launch a few months back, then you’re probably painfully oblivious to the smoking hot Sabrina Dior who so graciously gave us her first Anal for our site’s inaugural launch. And by graciously gave us, I mean she took it like a champ. And if she can take Jake Adam’s man sausage up that fine ass with a smile then why wouldn’t she be able to take Jake in the Pink, and Isiah Maxwell in the stink. Yes you guessed it! And as M.C. Hammer would say… It’s Double Penetration TIME! And you can touch this. So since we all got to know Sabrina Dior for her first shoot here on HMF this scene jumps right into it with a hello and lets get to sucking dick shall we. This write up is also straight to the point with no buildup for Sabrina’s first ever 3some with two guys, first double facial, and of course the “why we are all here” and her first ever DP. I have to say this girl takes it like no first timer I’ve ever had the pleasure of filming and we love it. So sit back and watch just how lovely this girl is and how also unassumingly sexual and down for anything this hottie, who doesn’t look like she should be doing this, does it and does it marvelously. We think you’ll agree. This Hot MILF does fuck.

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May 17th, 2021

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