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The Weed Smoking Hippie In The Barbie Doll Body
We’re kicking off 2021 with a very unique pornstar named Unicorn Lollipop, who we of course paired up with Brickzilla for this great scene. After the interview portion of the program, Brickzilla steps in and lubes up Unicorn’s ample breasts and lovely backside. Unicorn then spreads herself wide and diddles a bit until Brickzilla gets her tongue in there to taste her MILF pussy. Unicorn then attempts to suck all of Brickzilla’s big prick, stopping only to eat his ass from time to time…
Brickzilla than titfucks Unicorn, followed by a nice sexy footjob. Brick then samples her pussy one more time before he puts it in and we see that she can take damn near all of it! Unicorn gets impaled by Brickzilla left and right until he can hold out no longer and cums on her face. Of course, we caught up with the two in the shower after… Until next time: Stay Safe!

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Channel - HussiePass
Jan 9th, 2021

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