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E1673 Anne Amari And Adrian Hush Malpais
Hush She Know What I Like – This video starts with each girl doing her own mini solo strip tease starting with Adrian in this clip. There are some minor skin issues but she moves in a quite expert manner for a beautiful little tease.
Call Amari Dish – Anne’s bright orange lingerie stands out prominently against her dark skin colour and starts a nice tease with some decent bend over poses. The fully nude portion of this clip is excellent with a very nice up the ass view.
Olive some Chocolate – With the two girls now together this clip is primarily about side by side or mirror image posing. It is somewhat of a study in contrasts with these two girls being quite different from each other in both complexion and body shape.
Ho Ho Hoe Anne Amari Kiss m’ Ass – The actual lesbian action starts in this clip with Anne feasting upon Adrian’s ass and pussy. There’s a considerable section with Adrian riding on top of Anne’s face and generally squirming around while getting her holes licked from underneath. The action changes to the missionary position with Adrian coming to a quite enthusiastic climax.
I Like Hush she does that – This clip is almost a mirror image of the previous clip with all similar action and positions but with the girls in reversed positions and Anne now on the receiving end. The action is quite modest in the beginning but by the end half of Adrian’s make up has been transferred to Anne’s ass. There’s a pretty nice gooey pussy licking session to end the video.

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Mar 14th, 2021

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