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E1667 Christy Love Palm Springs
Yellow Love – Christy’s lingerie outfit has a particular elegance well suited to this slightly older girl. The butt shots are really nice with her wide rear nicely filling out panties. Wide bum curves and panty views are certainly the highlight of this clip.
Christy’s Cookie – The attention is now on naked bum and pussy views with the bra and panties now gone but the shoes stockings and garter still on. So she is not entirely flawless down below with occasional scabs, bruises and stray hairs but she does charm with her beautiful wide curves. Besides the usual shots she does a considerable amount of posing doggy style with her ass facing away from the camera in a position that displays the curves of her hips very nicely.
Joy ‘n Hand Cock – Christy gets busy with a flesh coloured dildo while lying on her back on the bed with legs spread high and wide. This momentarily transitions to a crab walk style position as the pace picks up. She has a pretty good fucking session with with some nice gooey sounds accompanying it. There’s a good amount of gooey finger dabbling at the end after she is done with the dildo.
When Hairy met Sully – Christy has a little finger dabble in her ass hole to end the video. It’s now more obvious than ever that she has a somewhat hairy butt hole area.

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Feb 13th, 2021

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