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E1679 Lexa Puerto Vallarta
Your High Jean is a Little Short – Lexa’s mini jean shorts are pretty skimpy to say the least but her top hides even less. This tease video pays a lot of attention to big ass cheeks hanging out of the tiny jean shorts.
Pick a Chair – Lexa is now fully bottomless while posing mostly ass up. She frequently crawls back and forth between two deck chairs as if she cannot decide which one she likes, though it is rather deliberate just to give you a view up her butt while she crawls around. She also pauses from time to time allowing an uninterrupted view of spread ass.
Absolutely Wander Pool – Lexa has a slow walk beside the pool while wearing only her heels and pearl chain top and a smile. She moves especially gracefully as only Lexa can while frequently fondling her hair and giving flirty looks.
That’s a Squirmative – Lexa becomes a stripper with a bit of sleazy music playing on the sound system. Starting with her jeans shorts on again she dances around with a lot of squirming motion. The song repeats and she does it all again now without the jean shorts.
Deck Diddle – Lexa gets down on the deck chair and has a go at pleasuring herself with a quick pussy rubbing session.

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Apr 11th, 2021

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