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E1675 Lilu Moon Malpais
High Costa Living – Lilu’s bikini strip tease takes place in front of a shallow pool in the jungle. Her movements are very slow and deliberate always allowing for a clear view of the important parts.
Phases of the Moon – The slow posing continues now with Lilu all nude and offering plenty of lingering views up her bottom side. Large portions of this clip are dedicated to underneath views as she stands or squats directly over top of your face. Also included are some excellent bend over and crabwalk poses with maximum pussy and ass exposure.
Weiner Takes it All – Lilu has a little fuck session with a purple rubber dildo beside the pool. A slow start soon turns into a very passionate climax with lots of shivering and twitching. As always Lilu’s orgasms are very genuine and compelling.
She was Fucked in the End – Lilu turns onto her side and continues the dildo masturbation in the ass now. She has a beautiful little dig in her ass hole with one finger before burying the dildo up her ass. She is one of the few models that genuinely has orgasms in her ass and that is quite obvious in the clip with very compelling reactions as she cums. After the first orgasm she turns onto her knees with the ass high in the air for a second anal fuck and orgasm session. The ass up position results in a lot of wide open gaping ass shots every time she takes the toy out of her ass. It doesn’t stop at just two orgasms as the continues on in a couple more different bend over poses having at least one more orgasm.
It Dip Ends how you Like it – Lilu has a dip in the pool to end her video. Once again her posing is very slow and offers some very nice views up her butt as she floats around ass up in the pool.

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Mar 23rd, 2021

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