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E1689 Lina Luxa Mykonos
A Pretty Tall Tail – This might be a good video for those who like giantess girls as Lina’s exceptional height combined with our typically low camera angles makes her appear to tower over you. After some initial standing poses she gets topless and flaps her boobs around over your face.
Six Feet Under – This is all nude posing now with all of the attention on the underside of her six foot frame. There are a few skin blemishes but for those less fussy she does a great job of showing off her assets. Poses lying on her back with her legs in the air appear to show endless legs.
She’s Cum a Long Way – This masturbation session is all finger frigging with poses on her front and back and side. It is perhaps not always the most compelling but she does bring it to a decent climax. Once again the highlight is her incredibly long legs towering in the air in the full body shots as she lies on her back.
Luxa Stuff Going on – Lina uses a screw shaped anal toy to poke herself in the ass. Initially it’s not really hardcore anal fucking as she mostly just dabbles away to show off her asshole in action. There’s also some nice close up asshole flexing every time she takes the toy out of her ass. Towards the end she picks up the pace and brings it to a more passionate climax.

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May 30th, 2021

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