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E1684 Luna Corazon Mykonos
Complete Luna See – Luna moves quite slowly as she poses and strips from a one piece bathing suit beside the pool. Her bathing suit has lots of tiny sparkles all over it which seem to rub off in her skin making her kind of sparkly.
The Dark Side of the Moon – Now all nude Luna continues to move slowly while posing ass out in many position. Towards the end there’s an excellent segment with Luna squatting on top of your face.
Luna Rover – Luna does an all nude parade beside the pool showing off her statuesque figure in motion. There is no bathing suit intro to this but she does wear her high heels throughout it all. This clip has a little more personality than before with occasional playful moments.
Go Frigger – Luna’s masturbation is with fingers only starting on her back and then flipped over on her front for a better up the ass view.
Pool Yourself Together – Luna has a bit of a splash in the pool. It takes her some time to psych herself up to jump in the pool. There’s lots more talking in this clip with plenty of playfulness. Perhaps jumping slightly outside of her comfort zone helps to lubricate the personality.
Urine the Cora Zone – Luna has a quick pee while leaning back against the furniture. It’s a pretty tidy clean arch of pee. Though it is not especially close up you do still see her pee hole in action quite clearly.

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May 6th, 2021

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