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E1682 Maria Rya Mykonos
A Perfect Tan – Maria poses in a green one piece bathing suit next to a beautiful pool in the Greek islands. The bathing suit might appear to cover a lot from the waist up but the crotch shots show a very skimpy outfit that barely covers anything with all of her curves spilling out. She is frequently in motion and strikes some very sexy poses along the way to show off her immaculate barbie doll figure.
Dolce in Cabana – Maria now moves onto the deck furniture and soon removes her bathing suite for some extended nude posing. She hits all the important poses with expert proficiency while we inspect her beautiful underside.Towards the end there a bit of finger dabbling in her ass hole.
Russian Gold Digger – Maria uses a rather odd shaped brass object for her sex toy. It’s somewhat brief but she does a very nice crabwalk position that shows off her underside beautifully while she works the toy in her pussy. There’s no climax to this action at this point as she appears to be warming up for other action to follow.
Brass in the Ass – Maria has a really nice dig in her ass hole with one finger before sinking her brass toy into her ass. The bend over pose and ass fucking are really exceptional with beautiful views up her bottom end.
Russian Meddling with your Erection – Now hanging her ass off the edge of the bed Maria has a more involved finger masturbation session with lots of lube, saliva and goo dribbling down from her pussy to her ass

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Apr 25th, 2021

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