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Ocean’s a Lovin – Nata’s striped skirt doesn’t instantly show anything but it is fascinating in how it outlines the curves of her butt. It’s not long before she pulls it up revealing a pretty fit rear end, though a little spotty. When the skirt and top come off a very sexy bra and panty set is revealed. She doesn’t waste much time getting her panties off for a fairly substantial first gaze upon her bare ass crack.
Just a Nata Ho – It’s all nude posing now other than the shoes. Her underside has a few red spots and stray hairs though she has a pretty fit and slender form worthy of close inspection. Her bend over posing gets the goods well out in the open for exposed viewing and her action sometimes pauses for a clear view.
Dry Harder Bitch – Nata’s dildo masturbation appears a little dry at first although she eventually juices up enough to have a decent and enthusiastic pussy fucking session. Her position with the dildo doesn’t change but it’s a pretty good position with the legs high and wide getting the pussy well out in the open. There’s some pretty nice pussy spreading to end the video.

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Feb 26th, 2021

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