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E1676 Sky Pierce Kelowna
Watch you Lookin’ at? – Sky is looking pretty smouldering in her bright red dress with matching black and red shoes. It’s not too long before she has her dress hiked up to show off her tail in a tiny black thong panty. Her thigh gap is pretty substantial as seen in the standing shots.
How Coochie Lie to me? – Sky is now all naked and offering up some pretty exposed views of pussy and ass in all manner of revealing poses on the couch. In the last few minutes she does a pretty awesome squat on top of your face while straddling between the couch and table.
This Sky’s a Fucking More on – Sky’s masturbation session involves a slim decorative glass dildo while lying on her back on the table. She transitions to the crabwalk position halfway through and picks up the pace bring on a pretty enthusiastic climax to the scene.
Look up in the Sky – This brief bonus clip features a bit of close up four finger pussy spreading. The fingers are not always out of the way but she gapes here probably more than any other place in the video.

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Mar 29th, 2021

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