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E1707 Veronica Leal And Lilu Moon Mykonos
The Leal Deal – Both girls do a little solo strip tease before the lesbian action begins, starting with Veronica. There’s a really nice boob tease in the middle section with boobs that look too good to be real, yet they are apparently real. Then with panties down there’s a really nice close up ass crack inspection.
Moon Glow – Lilu now does a solo strip tease from her teal coloured bra and panty set. Her silky smooth assets are beautifully displayed as she pulls down her panties and offers a close up inspection.
Stir up Smother Mammaries – We reset to the beginning with both girls together in their lingerie and loving on each other. Veronica’s bra comes off and her boobs get considerable attention as she smothers them all over Lilu’s face as she happily laps them up.
Deep in Enema Territory – This one very long and extensive clip contains the main meat and potatoes of the lesbian acton with great deal of ass worship and ass hole licking. Both girls get their anus thoroughly tongued with deep and enthusiastic penetration. The close up details are quite stunning showing long tongues sliding in and out of saliva soaked ass holes. You will surely enjoy this video if you love girls with tongues deep up each other’s bums.
Bum Scrum – There’s a bit of a break in the lesbian acton for a while as the girls just show off their private bits side by side without obstruction. They make a particularly nice pile of pussy and ass one on top of the other. Somehow the bottom girl manages to dabble her finger in the top girl’s ass hole while in the piled up position.
Get the Slow Down – Now back to the lesbian action but in a much slower ass worshipping kind of way. Tongues and lips wander all over the ass and pussy before eventually focussing on the ass hole a little more. This clip has some of the best pussy and ass shots often without heads and tongues in the way.

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Sep 7th, 2021

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