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Stocked Slut Ii
With their head and arms through the stocks Sybil’s magnificent ass is beautifully exposed. There’s no doubt that is going to get attention first. He canes it making them scream and wiggle in pain. Then he slides Mr Pogo into their wet hole.
The heavy stocks are made to be a torment of their own. Walking Sybil out into the tall grass gives him a chance to see their tits bounce and sway. They are chained to a post and he spreads their legs. Their pussy is completely exposed for some whipping.
After being exposed to the elements Sybil is back in the water room. They are tightly restrained to a chair with their tits clamped down hard. It’s time for his ministrations. They are going to suffer and cum like they never have before.

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Channel - InfernalRestraints
Feb 26th, 2021

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