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Sliding Slut
Sybil is locked in the little wheeled cart. When he wants something he calls on them to scoot along and get this or that. The cart isn’t that easy to maneuver from inside of it. Sybil does the best they can.
Once he’s built the vehicle of Sybil’s next torment it’s time for them to be transferred into it. Sybil is laying between two pipes. It is versatile and allows him various methods of humiliating and hurting Sybil.
Sybil has to put a large metal plug in their ass. He canes their feet and ass. They struggle as he twists and torments them. After all that suffering Sybil gets to have an orgasm. All that suffering makes it that much better.

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Channel - InfernalRestraints
Feb 26th, 2021

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