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Kinahaya, 25, From Toulouse!
She’s the kind of young woman who makes all the salt in our videos. Kinahaya is 25 years old, and a character and a life course rather new compared tJacquieEtMichelTV.21.01.10.Kinahaya.jpgo her female counterparts. Indeed, despite her small size, the young lady is a truck driver on construction sites in Toulouse, a very masculine environment if there is one! But that’s not all … Former straight, she now lives with a woman but regularly allows herself to get involved with men! And when we approach her sexual journey, the bitch surprises us by revealing all her experience, but also the fact that she still has a lot of fantasies to satisfy, including shooting a video with us! But as Lorenzo arrives, we can see that she has only one desire, that he visit her beautiful little ass …

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Channel - JacquieEtMichelTv
Jan 13th, 2021

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