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Naive Nurse Becomes Naughty Sex Slave
Asphyxia Noir is the best nurse one could ever have. Her dedication when it comes to taking care of her patient’s every single need is truly something to applaud. Asphyxia’s desire to please everyone has finally backfired on her when one of her patients takes advantage of the sweet girl’s naivety. The beautiful nurse was taken by surprise as a patient lunges at her from behind. Asphyxia believed that one of the patients is playing a prank on her, but things start to get serious as she realizes that the patient manhandling her is the king of rough sex himself, James Deen. The innocent nurse tries her best to fight back, but James is simply stronger than her. It doesn’t take long before JD strips away Asphyxia’s uniform, leaving only her black stockings. Asphyxia surrenders her body to James, knowing full well that today’s duty is going to be a living hell. James ties Asphyxia on the bed and starts fucking her like a horny animal. He fists her tight cunt and pounds his cock relentlessly deep inside her pussy. There is no shortage of bondage and impact tools in the room. The king of rough sex puts Asphyxia’s legs and arms in shackles before fucking her doggy style. Moans of pain and pleasure fill the room as James continues to rough up the stunning nurse. Asphyxia is now tied on the examination table. JD has no plans of giving her a break until he feels like he is about to cum. The king of rough sex continues to aggressively slide his cock in and out of Asphyxia’s tight pussy, stirring the insides and making Asphyxia scream in delight. Her body twitches in pain and pleasure as James showers her beautiful face with his fresh and warm cum. The naive nurse has turned into a naughty sex slave for James Deen to enjoy.

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Feb 6th, 2021

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