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Bound, Gagged, And Used
Naughty brunettes, Charley Chase and Jade Indica, find themselves in trouble with law enforcement. They were immediately cuffed and detained before they even realized what was happening. The officers on the scene are quick to frisk the girls’ body to see if they have any concealed weapons. They strip down the girls until they are completely naked. Frustrated as they didn’t find anything, the officers start to touch Charley and Jade against their will. No matter how hard they try to fight back, their bounded hands offer no resistance at all. The aggressive men pull out their cock and start facefucking the two brunettes. Charley and Jade’s nightmare is only beginning. The officers show no sign of stopping their rough treatment until they have a taste of what the girls have to offer. Loud screams fill the room as the men fuck the two helpless girls in multiple positions. After satisfying their carnal desires in the house, the officers take Charley and Jade and bring them to what seems to be a torture dungeon. They tied up the girls using ropes and strips, then put a ball gag on their mouths. The officers show no mercy to the girls. The only thing running in their minds right now is how to enjoy these poor sluts. The horny men do everything in their power to break Charley and Jade. They use hardcore restrictive bondage, hanging bondage, and sex toys. Double penetration, fisting, and extreme anal are also done to make the girls suffer in pleasure. The intense rough treatment continues with the girls screaming and moaning with all their might. They don’t have any choice but to surrender their bodies to their captors. Charley and Jade turn into submissive slaves who will do anything to make their masters happy, even if it means having all their holes fucked beyond their limits.

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May 17th, 2021

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