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Naomi: Knows How To Get Fucked
James Deen and his stunning friend Naomi spends some quality time together. They walk on a busy street while enjoying ice cream together. The ice cream is not enough to cool their bodies down under the hot weather. Due to this, both of them decide to go back to their hotel room and chill for a while. Their plan of resting for a bit takes a sudden turn when James begins to be touchy with Naomi. The stunning slut offers no resistance at all when James runs his hand all over her body. It doesn’t take long before Naomi is out of her white top and shorts…

James rubs oil on Naomi’s bubble butt, giving it a beautiful glisten under the light. The king of rough sex teases the lustful princess, spanking her ass and slapping her cunt. He then lets Naomi suck his big cock. James grabs the petite babe by the hair and shoves his cock deeper down her throat. Naomi can’t help but gag as the tip of the dick touches the back of her throat. After the sloppy blowjob and deepthroat, Naomi gets on top of James and fucks him cowgirl style. Her bubble butt bounces nicely as she grinds her body against his. The rough fucking experience is only starting. James still has a lot more in-store for Naomi. The combination of intense pounding and rough impact play makes Naomi want more. Motivated by Naomi’s reactions and moans, James continues to brutally fuck her pussy. He relentlessly drives his cock deeper and deeper into her cunt until it is balls-deep. The beautiful fairy has turned into a complete cockwhore as James continues to ravage her sweet hole. The feeling of Naomi’s pussy wrapping tightly with every thrust makes James closer to orgasm. He pulls out his cock from the tight cunt and gives Naomi the facial she deserves.

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Jan 9th, 2021

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