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Manami Ueno Is Caught By Her Brother In Law As She Masturbates
Manami Ueno is a widow. She has gone one year without the touch of a man. She has become a lomly widow yearning for the touch of a man. Her husband would satisfy her sexually and now that is he is gone, she has no one to pleasure her except herself. She is at her husband’s shrine thinking of the times they had together and thinking of how he would satisfy her sexual desires and urges. She is still young and now since his absence has had no one that has been close to her to please her. While thinking of him and touching herself she is surprised to find a man standing over her asking her what she is doing. It is her brother in law and he understands how she has been celibate for one year after the passing of his brother. Manami is so hungry for a man she does not even stop touching herself when she is discovered. Even the smell of a man causes her to become horny and she wants to pleasure herself. She spreads her legs wide and reaches down to slide her hand between her thighs and slip a finger inside her hole. She is very wet and she continues to slip her fingers in her pussy while her brother in law watches. Manami turns over and kneels down in the doggystyle position so she can show him how wet her hole is and how much she is in need of a release to her sexual desires. Manami sees that he has become hard and his cock is wanting to be released from his pants. She unbuttons his pants and slips his cock out so she can see it in her face. She takes a hold of his hard cock and slips her lips over the head and then begins to lick his shaft with her tongue. She is in heaven now as she is enjoying the taste and smell of his hard dick in her mouth. This is providing her much pleasure and she has him lay down so she can work on his cock properly and have him release all of his cum inside her mouth. She takes his cock in as deep as she can and allows him to cum in her hungry mouth. This has been a wonderful experience for Manami after a year of not enjoying a cock inside her.

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Jun 20th, 2021

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