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Miyu Shiina Welcomes The New Renter By Helping Him Bathe And Then Fucking Him
A sharehouse is a place where you can rent a room and share the living areas of the house with all those that also rent rooms there. Most of these places are for students or single men or women who work in the city and can no afford a place of their own. Each sharehouse sets the rules for the house. In this sharehouse where Miyu lives there are no rules regarding clothes so all the renters are naked. A newcomer has come to the house and he can not stop watching her as she goes about her daily routines in the house, all while being nude. On the first morning there the newcomer could not help but getting hard watching her naked. Miyu noticed that and decided she would suck him off as he was horny. He was very grateful for her attention to his cock. He was not disappointed when going to the shower room to find her there already getting ready to shower. Since he was there and she was going to shower she invited him in to also bathe. She was nice and helped him find his way around the bath room and also helped bathe him. This was a nice surprise and he got very clean there with her helping. She then explained that she would like him to feel comfortable in the house and if he would like he could come to her room after so they could play. He of course agrees and when he finishes his bath he enters her room to find her already busy with a vibrator working on her pussy alone. Miyu is quite horny from all the activity and spreads her pretty legs wide so he can see how wet her pretty pink pussy is. He is horny now and fingers her and goes down on her licking her delicious pussy. He does his best to suck and lick and finger her. She also enjoys his cock in her mouth and sucks him off a bit. The one thing she has not done yet she saves for last is fuck her. Miyu asks him to please lick her pussy some before he does and he leans over and sticks his tongue inside her to get her very wet before slipping it in her.

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Jun 21st, 2021

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