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Miyu Shiina Lives In Nude Sharehouse In Tokyo, She Sucks The Cock Of A Newcomer
A sharehouse in Tokyo has no rules. That means that when entering all the inhabitants are allowed to live freely as they wish. In this particular sharehouse in Tokyo all those living there have opted to live their lives in the nude. So, when a newcomer is there to live he is quite surprised to find the lovely Miyu Shiina naked as she enters the kitchen in order to clean. He quickly learns to live in this house and decides to also live freely without clothes while inside. But this is proves to be a bit difficult for his cock as he gets hard sitting there in the living area watching Miyu Shiina nude. Since Miyu is so kind and notices his hard cock she assumes he is horny and decides to help him out by sucking him off. She is an expert at sucking cock and she leans over and takes the head of his cock in her mouth and then strokes it for him. She explains that she does not mind doing this and continues to suck him off while the other man living there enjoys his breakfast. Since that went so well Miyu asks him if he would look at her pussy as she spreads her legs. She opens her pussy wide for him so he gets a good look at her hole. This new sharehouse is turning out to be a lot better than was advertised. Miyu is a great housemate and with her cock sucking skills this newcomer is sure that he is not going to want to leave the house very much. Miyu on this first morning with the newcomer sucks him, strokes him and then allows him to see her inner pussy. All this and thens she bends over and lets him unload his cum into her cute mouth.

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Jun 20th, 2021

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