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Rei Ayana And Her Lover Escape To A Hotel For An Afternoon Of Sex
When that hotel door closes! She has been missing his cock for so long and today they were able to get together to enjoy some alone time in a hotel in Tokyo. Her lover has been gone and busy for six months and has net even called her. But today he has asked Rei to meet him in a hotel and spend the afternoon together. She of course was so happy for the call and being the good cheating wife that she is escaped her house and got the the hotel as quick as she could as she longed for his cock inside all of her holes. A Japanese wife is sexy and sometimes lonely. If you find a lonely one, they are going to be horny as they probably have not been touched in so long by their husbands. So what ends up happening is that you tease them and compliment them a bit and like Rei here, they will follow you to a Love Hotel to get some of that attention they have been missing from their husbands. These hot women are ripe for the picking and if you are not too choosy, you can get about as much hot cheating wife pussy as you like. Rei has the greatest tits, and she is hot and horny and not shy and she loves to rub her own pussy while making out cause she wants to climax and if her lover sticks his cock in her mouth while she fingers her clit all the better to make her come. Rei has the fucking hottest sexiest body, she is full figured and has a hot fucking ass to grab on to when her lover slides his cock deep into her hot wet pink hole. You will enjoy watching the full video as these two lovers spend the afternoon in the hotel sucking and fucking and enjoying each other after such a long absence.

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Sep 7th, 2021

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