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Reina Wamatsu Helps A Patient With A Good Cock Sucking And Cum In Mouth
Reina Wamatsu is now doing the rounds in her hospital ward. She is new to this hospital and still learning about how they do things here and is eager to be trained in how to treat the patients different maladies. Today her patient is in because he is a friend of the doctor and he has drunk too much alcohol and damaged his liver. Knowing that she is a new nurse and must be trained in how to treat all kinds of patients he suggests to pretend he was bitten by a venomous snake. It seems that his cock was bitten and now it is Reina who will need to be trained in how to help him with his pain. It is also interesting that he was bitten on his cock so it is not clear what this man was doing with a poor snake with his cock out that the snake bit him. Never the less, Reina is there to help all her patients equally and she is ready to work on his cock to relieve his pain and help him recover from this terrible tragedy. The patient is guiding her and helping her as she sucks his cock and explaining the proper way to suck cock with her delicate hand on his balls. He lets her know that a tongue running up and down the length of his cock would be nice as well to help. To be better stimulated he lets her know that pulling out her tits and allowing him to touch them would help keep his injured dick hard. He continues on groping her while she works away on his cock sliding it in and out of her cute Japanese mouth. The patient will surely recover more quickly with these wonderful procedures she is performing on him. She does not let up and continues to suck his hard cock and finally as it is too much for him, her mouth is too delicious and her touch so sweet that he lets go of all the cum he has been building up in his aching balls. She takes this load of cum in her mouth as the patient moans with pleasure and Reina opens her mouth as the cum drips down onto her hand.

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Jan 13th, 2021

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