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Ryouko Murakami Shows Her Neighbor A Fucking Good Time
Ryouko Murakami is at home alone today. She has been cleaning and doing laundry. She is unhappy as she is looking at all her pretty bra and panties she is thinking that her husband does not even look at her any more. She wears the cutest thong panties and her husband does not notice. She gets dressed this morning in a pretty pair of panties and bra and this makes her excited as she rubs her panties all over her pussy thinking of a cock rubbing all over her…

She hears someone is at the door and runs to open it to find the neighbor there. She lets him in and he tells her he has found something on his balcony that belongs to her. He holds out his hand and it is a pair of her black thong panties. She is so embarassed as they must have been blown there by the wind from her balcony where they were drying. She notices that when he handed them back they were all stuck together with some white gooey substance. She realizes that what must have happened when the neighbor found them was he got excited about her pussy on these panties and he must have rubbed them all over his cock until he spewed his cum all over them. This idea excites Ryouko and she then notices through his pants that his cock is hard. She takes this chance to show her appreciation for this attention he has shown her and kneels down in front of him to take his hard cock in her hands. Right there at the entrance to her apartment she starts to suck him off as he goes for her enormous tits and takes off her top so he can lick and suck those beautiful nipples she hides in her bra. They kiss and fondle each other as Ryouko kneels back down to suck on his cock and have him cum in her mouth.

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Jan 13th, 2021

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