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Saho Mikura Pays Off Her Husbands Debt With Her Pussy Spread Open
Saho Mikura has a husband that has a lot of debt. He is always spending more than he has earned and he gambles. All that means his beautiful wife Saho Mikura has to pay off his debt for him. She has been doing some part time work but at the pace she is paying it off it will take forever. She is offered a way to make a lot more money and it would allow her to pay it off in a very short time. The work is for her to film a porno. She is very pretty and young and this would not change her life in any way, it would just be a chance to make a good piece of money and pay that debt hanging over her head off. Saho agrees to this and they first blindfold her so that she will not be so shy and see the camera. The blindfold will also give her some anonymity so she will not be recognized. They bring her to a room with a bed and put on the blindfold and start to seduce her slowly by lifting her top and massaging her boobs. She has some beautiful nipples and you can see already that she has a fantastic body. They decide to take off her top and lay her down on the bed and lick and suck her nipples. They really spend a good amount of time playing with her boobs. She has such nice nipples it is worth it to watch Saho get heated up and start to writhe and moan as she becomes excited. They remove her pantyhose and skirt and then her panties so they can access that hot pretty pussy of hers. They decide to give her a ball gag to shut her up as they slide their fingers deep inside her pussy. Then she is too delicious looking to hold on any longer and she is fucked good and hard. She is a sweet fuck and her pretty hairy pussy is given a good proper fuck. This is all great but now it is time for her to suck some cock and take off that blindfold so we can watch as she sucks down a load of cum.

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Feb 26th, 2021

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