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Home alone as always getting the housework done and bringing home the groceries. A typical day for most housewives in Japan. Yui Misaki is a diligent housewife who prides herself on making sure that the house looks good and clean and that when her husband comes home he is greeted at the door with a smile and a lovely home. As Yui cleans today she happens to rub up against the table with her crotch. This prompts her to continue doing that as it stimulates her pink pussy. She enjoys this stimulation and lifts her skirt so she can really get to her clit more easily and rub one out. She is alone of course like usual and since she is now horny and no one is around to help she decides that the best thing to do would be to get out her sex toy and pleasure herself. She has a very large vibrator she uses on her pussy. This sex toy helps her get off and when she starts getting horny she uses her fingers to explore her wet pussy. This brings out moans of pleasure loud enough that they can be heard outside. A workman who happens to be on her floor outside looks in through her open curtains and sees her as she slips her panties off and masturbates. He has a great vantage point and can watch her as she spreads open the most meaty pink pussy he has ever seen. What a joy to watch her with her sex toy buried in her honey hole. It is his lucky day to hear her and then be able to catch the whole show. She is so lovely and seeing her in her most vulnerable position as a voyeur is such a turn on.

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Apr 25th, 2021

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