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Yuri Sato Is Sent To Clean A Client’s Apt But The Client Ends Up Fucking Her
Yuri Sato has been sent to a house to clean. The owner is not expecting her as she is new and he prefers the old girl who used to clean his apartment. He talks to the agency that is sending her and he tells them that he is going to have to tell her how the apt is to be cleaned as she is new and he likes it done a particular way. Yuri arrives and the new client is quite demanding and asks that she do the job in a particular way. Because Yuri does not want her clothes to get dirty she takes them off to get started cleaning. She has a lovely body with the best fucking tits you can imagine. She has most of her pussy shaved but is hairy on top so her lips are quite visible. The client is watching her disrobe and has decided to come and give her tits a grab as they are so perfect he wants to get a feel for them. He asks her to get started and she puts on some gloves and starts to use the cleaning rags to clean furniture. The client decides since she is bending over nude that he would get behind her while she is cleaning and stick his face between her ass cheeks. He grabs her ass and spreads it open and smells her pussy and ass spread wide. She has a delightful smell to her and the way her tits fall while bending over has the client quite excited. Yuri is sexy and beautiful and is trying her best to clean the apt but the client continues to touch her and grab at her body. She does her best and continues to wipe down the floor when all of a sudden the client sticks his fingers in her pussy from behind. This is a surprise to her as she did not know that this is the proper way to clean a house. The client has decided he also needs a cleaning and spends the afternoon with her naked and her mouth on his cock and his mouth all over her hot body.

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Apr 11th, 2021

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