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Claire Roos 21 Years Old
With silky long hair and sexy legs, it’s no wonder our next recruit is contemplating a career in Modeling. Her whole life, all her friends told her she could be a Model. But wait… Is it THAT easy? Pouting your lips and blowing kisses??? We don’t think so. And, notice how uncomfortable she is, barely able to strike a pose. Perhaps she is shy. But when our Producer puts his hard cock in front of her mouth, she cannot say NO. She pumps. She sucks. She licks. But now we witness something really strange. She asks our Producer to put his cock in her ass. She says she has’nt had a cock in her ass before, and that she wants to try. And at the end, she swallows his cum… ABSOLUTELY MUST SEE!!

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Apr 18th, 2021

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