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For Saling Counterfeit You Will Pay Us With Your Cunt!
We are deception fighters and don’t like when someone tries to deceive others. This case is just about that. We got information that illegal counterfeit trafficking is taking place in our park. We took off immediately and were very surprised upon arrival. This impudent bitch tried to sell counterfeit to all passersby not hiding at all. Seeing us, she began to wrap up in a hurry but it was too late, I threw her right on the grass and my partner snapped the cuffs on the crooks’ wrists. “You broke the law and you’ll go with us!” I told her. Being closed in a cage and realizing that a prison awaits her, the criminal began to actively bargain for her freedom — she offered to suck me off and lured me in exposing her juicy pussy. I’m not the one who can resist such an offer and after a couple of minutes she sucked my dick right through the bars, and then my partner enjoyed her sweet cunt.

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May 17th, 2021

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