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We were patrolling our local area as usual and suddenly noticed a strange girl standing on the corner of the street. She was wearing a bright jacket and behaved very suspiciously, she was on the phone and constantly looking around. But after a hooded man approached her, took some stuff from that girl and gave her money for that, it became obvious to us that it’s a crime scene and she is a drug dealer! Detention, body search, and we found drugs in her bag! “This is not mine!” – she shouted, but the evidence was not in her favor. “Girl, you have violated the law seriously… but we like your sassy ass, so we will open this cage and fuck you together with my partner in all your sweet holes, and you’ll sniff all your coke, as if there wasn’t any at all, otherwise we will give your ass to the police right now.” Want to know what did she chose?

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May 17th, 2021

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