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Do Not Engage In Vandalism, Or We Will Fuck You
My partner and I discussed our last adventure when we caught a call about the act of vandalism. A famous ruined building which was chosen by the vandals. We got to the spot and crept carefully. We noticed a figure with a hood on. Person was facing away from us and painted the wall. Grabbing a vandal, we were surprised to find out that it was a girl. She had very appetizing forms, but she was rude to us. During the search, I tore off her hoodie away exposing her boobs. “This will serve you as a lesson, you cheeky bitch!” I told her. The girl tearfully asked to leave her alone but the crime does not pass without a trace. Half an hour later, she was already handcuffed to our table. The hooligan really wanted to repair the damage so being alone with my partner she took his big cock in her mouth and I lost my temper looking at her juicy ass and I fucked her right in the cage!

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May 17th, 2021

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