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Alex. Needs a quite high sum (8000$), tried another credit companies before us, but all her applications got deinied. Business loan for wellness center with whirlpool, nails and massage. Has a permanent job like a masseuse in local spa and wants to open her own shop. I have a good feeling that she will massage my cock for this money.
It was just another casual day for Alex, another day full of problems. She was out of money and her credit manager told her that she can’t get a loan from his company. She was in a state of total despair and so concentrated on her bad situation that she didn’t even notice that the manager is flirting with her. Alex was surprised, but in the end, she got his thought – he offered her sex right there in office to get her loan. She was confused and her cheeks blushed, but the persistent manager was already behind her and his hot breath turned her on. She decided to let the situation play by itself and enjoy the moment…

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Apr 11th, 2021

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