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Allie. Single go-go dancer in local strip-bar. Needs money to rent a bigger flat. Has no regular job, only tips while dancing. I hope she can dance on my cock, because she is a really beautiful girl who needs my help and I will help her with pleasure if she will help me.
Blondie Allie was sitting in loan office in total despair. She needed money badly and all her incomes were unofficial. But she’d caught credit manager attention with information about her work in strip-club as a go-go dancer. After that he made a proposal for her – photo and video taping of her boobs in exchange for money. That wasn’t a problem for such girl, but since guy offered more, she was ready for sex. His dick appeared in her mouth very fast and she started to suck it as a sweet lollypop. When this guy turned her and came in to her pussy she started to moan… And she’ve noticed that she really like that all process has been taped…

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Apr 11th, 2021

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