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Blanche. Blonde, tall girl. Has her own e-shop and mobile application (registered at September) with lingerie and needs some extra money (business loan). Amount – 6000$. Prefer to pay back in five years. Working at a boutique right now. Hope she will work on my dick in a few moments.

Charming Blanche was not only attractive, but also very clever. She already had a profitable on-line shop with lingerie and she wanted to expand it. Unfortunately, her business was too young for official loans and credit system didn’t accept her request. But there are always ways to solve a problem. Even if they are on the edge or if it’s making your husband a cuckold… Lingerie shop owner became naked very fast to demonstrate her perfect tits and she swallowed stranger’s dick very deep to get the loan. Their sex was right in the loan office, passionate and unbridled until loan manager came on her hip and covered it with fresh jizz…

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Apr 11th, 2021

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