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Frances. Came to my office after friend’s recommendation. Needs a serious loan (12000$) for her new motorbike. No husband, no kids. Regular job (executive assistant), has good recommendations. I would add my own good recommendation to other opinions, since her ass is driving me crazy. Gonna try my regular trick to fuck her.

Successful and talented Fraces came to a loan office to get a credit for her new bike. Local manager was so charming and attractive that she wasn’t even upset when her request got rejected. And when he hinted that he can help her with her credit if she has sex with him, she had nothing against it. He came from her back and whispered some naughty in her ears, undressed her and fucked her passionately right in his office. Her pussy was totally wet and nipples became hard. She totally enjoyed the process…

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Apr 11th, 2021

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