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Isabella. Red-haired beauty with awesome boobs which got my attention and I forgot about what for she wanted her loan. In general – she is a pet surgeon and she wants her own pet ambulance. Needs 12000$ urgently. Has troubles with potential shareholder and I have troubles with my hard dick reacting unequivocally to this woman.

Ambitious red-haired pet doctor Isabella wanted to open her own pet surgery. But the day started badly. Her application was declined at credit company and she needed money urgently since it was her last chance. When she came to the loan office and tried to talk with her credit manager, he was totally unfocused on business and was looking only into her decollate. He offered her some modifications in her data in her request in exchange for sex with her. Well, she needed that money so bad and this was her last opportunity to start a serious business, so she let this stranger to touch her boobs, undress her and fuck her in every way he wanted to…

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Apr 11th, 2021

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