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Kristy. Twenty one years old. Very ambitious and assertive. Needs business loan for her own tattoo saloon. Needs the biggest amount among all my clients in recent days – 12000$. Monthly income – 700$. Renting a flat. Has few tattoos on her body, which I’m about to explore during our sex.
Kristy was young, ambitious, and creative. At her 21 she already knew what she wanted. Kristy developed advanced skills at her current job at the tattoo salon and now she had a plan to open her own studio. She believed in herself, but banks didn´t. Too young and too poor to get any loan, that’s what she heard in the loan agency. But local manager was so excited about her ambition and her cute face, so he made a special proposal for her – sex in exchange for some fake data in her documents to get approval. And you would be surprised what tattoo he found on her body during hot anal sex…

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Apr 11th, 2021

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