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Neighbor Boy Spies My Milf Feet
Lathering my sexy, milf body with some suds, I flexed my soapy wet feet as I touched my wet pussy beneath the warm water, my toes curling, showing off my yummy ruby red toenails. Grabbing my luscious tits in the tub, a nervous, young neighbor boy ran into the back yard to fetch his basketball after it bounced into my place so I offered to make him a glass of iced tea, surprising him when I served it in nothing but my neon pink lacy bra and panties…

When he spilled some of his iced tea on his lap, I made sure to drag my claws up and down his young thigh, cleaning him off with my manicured paws that matched my feet. My sexy patent leather high heels were so shiny as I bounced them back and forth in front of this young boy, tantalizing him with my curvy female body and sexy milf toes. My husband was at work so I felt extra frisky as I showed off my luscious long legs and slutty, horny feet, dying to give this boy a real footjob like he had never had before and never would. When he unstrapped my heels, I dangled those slutty milf feet right in his face for him to take in the full view of my slutty arches. I even showed off my sexy foot dangling skills as he grabbed my big toe and snuck it deep into his mouth to suck on like a good boy. He was in for a super slutty milf foot fuck this afternoon…

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Mar 29th, 2021

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