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Cheating Fiancee Handjob!
Just like the many before her, Aria Carson is a cheater. Aria just got engaged and loves showing off her new ring; however, Aria’s at a stranger’s apartment. She doesn’t even know the dude’s last name…and Aria’s not even sure if the first name he gave was real. But that doesn’t matter. Especially when Aria’s horny and on her phone, swiping right while her future hubby is at work! “Swipe right for a fun night!” is one of Aria’s favorite sayings. She doesn’t care what the dude looks like, if Aria’s cunt is even a bit moist, she’s gonna make sure you nut before leaving! I mean just look at her now: between all the work she put in on your dick, the cunt teasing, and being on her knees to finish the job…the only thing that tops all that is watching Aria the Cum Slut jerk herself off covered in a man’s jizz! I’ll say it again: “Swipe right for a fun night!”

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Mar 14th, 2021

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