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A Handy Break Up!
Lulu Chu loves older men. Especially authoritarian figures…like teachers. Managers. Bosses. That sorta dude. Lulu’s been banging her English teacher for a while now, but there’s a problem. Lulu’s been engaged for a while, and today’s the day she’s breaking the news. Lulu’s gotta tell him, but Lulu’s not going to leave him high and dry, either. No blue balls. Lulu’s gonna let blow…but not in her tight, little cunt. Lulu will use her cunt to tease him a little…give him one, last taste, so to speak. Lulu admits it’s a little weird to see her engagement ring rubbing up on another man’s dick…but hey, Lulu’s a freak! Enjoy my brother!!

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Channel - ManoJob
Mar 17th, 2021

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