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Fragile Glass 2
Cute Isabela De Laa is looking through some boxes when she finds a glass dildo filled with bright purple liquid. Intrigued and amused, she examines it closely and decides to try it out. She teases her stiff nipples with her strappy bra as she takes it off, then removes her bun-hugging jean shorts and red panties too. Smiling with anticipation, she strokes the ridged toy against her nipples, then uses the smooth head to spread her prominent pussy lips open so she can ease it into her wet slot. The sticky sounds of the rapid penetration mingle with her moans of pleasure as she fucks herself avidly, going face down ass up on the floor and strumming her clit to intensify the sensations. Lying on her back with her long legs spread wide, the vivacious brunette sucks her juice from the dildo as she masturbates to fever pitch, then drives the toy deep to trigger a powerful orgasm.

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Channel - MetArt
Mar 17th, 2021

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