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From the moment Nathan comes home from college for the summer, he is obsessed with his new stepmom, Halle. At six foot with huge tits and an ass, she towers over her husband, Mr. Turner, and Nathan. She, however, is less than excited to have her stepson home as he’s an absolutely slob. When she finds Nathan’s underwear in the fridge, she calls him in to cleanup his mess. Nathan appears absolutely naked with a raging hard on. While she shows him how to put food back in the refrigerator, he slips his cock inside of her. He starts fucking her with her head in the fridge until they hear Mr. Turner coming. Nathan hides behind the fridge door and fingers his stepmom as Mr. Turner asks Halle to clean up the kitchen before his boss comes over that night. Halle gets down on the floor to clean up the trash. Nathan slips his cock in her mouth while she throws garbage away. Then she moves to the sink to start on the dishes. Nathan again, comes up behind her and starts fucking her. She continues washing dishes. He helps her dry, at least until the water splashes on her shirt. She lifts her wet top to let her huge tits bounce free. Nathan sits his stepmom on the counter to eat her wet pussy. Then he slides into her again and fucks her on the counter until he pulls her down to her knees and covers her face in cum. Mr. Turner returns when they have everything nearly cleaned. He kisses Halle on one side of the cheek without realizing the other side is covered in cum.

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Mar 14th, 2021

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