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September Reign just wants to listen to music on her headphones while getting some housework done. Unfortunately, her fake tits and her tight jeans that zip up the back are too much of a temptation for her daughter’s boyfriend, Van Wylde. Van’s girlfriend, Amari, just wants to snuggle him in her room, but Van is too horny to keep still. He slips out of bed and finds September in the bathroom. She is on her hands and knees, with the back of her jeans open, exposing her pussy. Van watches her pick up laundry as he starts stroking his cock in the doorway. He tosses his pants in the laundry basket, then slips his cock into her waiting pussy. September is shocked, but pleased. She tells him she really needs to keep cleaning. Van tells her not to mind him. She keeps picking up laundry as he uses her to pleasure himself. When Amari knocks on the bathroom door, September pulls Van into the shower and turns it on. They continue to fuck in their wet clothes. Van tries to convince his girlfriend that he is just rinsing off and that he will join her back in bed in a moment. Amari has a better idea. She strips naked, and pulls back the shower curtain to see her boyfriend fucking her mom. Amari is so shocked that she runs out, leaving her boyfriend to have his way with her mom’s pussy. Van fucks September in every corner of the bathroom before dropping a massive load all over her huge tits.

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Mar 14th, 2021

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