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Feuding Families
Aaliyah Love and Lauren Phillips, two frenemies, are hanging out. As they bicker and verbally spar, their love lives come up and things get heated. They’re both so determined to prove that they still got the moves that they decide to do a little competition. They both have beautiful stepdaughters, so they’re going to see who can seduce the other’s stepdaughter first!

Things get underway as, on another day, Aaliyah shows up at Lauren’s house to try and seduce her stepdaughter, Lacy Lennon. At the same time, Lauren shows up at Aaliyah’s house to seduce HER stepdaughter, Charlotte Sins! Both women try their hardest, flaunting their gorgeous bodies, but the teens don’t seem at all interested. How can that BE??

As Aaliyah and Lauren meet up again, baffled about their failed attempts, Lacy and Charlotte make an appearance. The teens admit that they knew about their stepmoms’ little competition… and the reason why they weren’t successful is because each stepdaughter wants her OWN stepmom! And now that everything’s out in the open, it’s time to put the unnecessary rivalry aside and FINALLY have a bit of fun.

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Sep 7th, 2021

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